Why choose GOTSHIP

The GOTSHIP Logistics AB difference
  • Network

    GOTSHIP Logistics AB has a close cooperation with carefully selected partners. Our high demands on our agents mean that you, our customer can confidently hand over the transportation responsibility to us. All agents must be able to satisfy a number of established criteria's such as a certified quality system as ISO.
  • Competitive costs

    We create the best specific product for our clients so all their needs are to be fulfilled. Together with our clients and partners we offer competitive rates through the whole transport chain. Our guarantee to our clients is that we should offer the best market price and transit time for the traffic lane.
  • Easy to reach

    When you call our company we answer within three signals. We offer one contact person that handles all your transport matters. In our organization you will always be treated as VIP and we always take care of your Specific problems/needs.
  • People

    Work with good people!
    Our dedicated staff are our competitive advantage, which are updated with the latest technology platform to provide quick and accurate information to you - our customers.
  • We are a happy bunch of people who value having fun and we follow a predetermined plan that gives you as a customer access to the markets best products.

    You can easily log in and see updates of your shipments via our website, calculate the freight costs based on your specific offer as well as download your shipments data for statistical needs.